Welcome to our practice!

Eastside Neurosurgery is dedicated to the patient’s health and well-being. Philosophy: It is the philosophy at Eastside Neurosurgery to exhaust conservative treatment whenever possible, prior to any surgical intervention.  Dr.’s Hoover, Volkov, and D’Andrea understand that surgery can be an intimidating and difficult decision to make.  Dr. Hoover, Dr. Volkov, and Dr. D’Andrea will explain all treatment options to you, the patient. Eastside Neurosurgery specializes in diseases of the spine, the brain and the nerves.  Procedures of the spine can be performed from a minimally invasive approach, to a complex spine procedure, depending on the patient’s needs.  Dr.’s Hoover, Volkov, and D’Andrea also specialize in Carpal Tunnel Release and Ulnar Neuropathy as well as brain tumors and cerebral aneurysms. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care and pleasant and comfortable experience. You can take an active role in your own care by:

  • Using the resources we provide, including this website.
  • Asking us questions during your office visits.
  • Providing us with a complete medical history.
  • Carefully follow all care instructions.

As part of your visit, we will take a history of your symptoms and perform a physical examination. If you already have x-rays, MRIs or other diagnostic images, please bring them with you to your office visit. We may order other tests and images during your visit to confirm a diagnosis. Once we determine your diagnosis, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your particular medical needs. If you have any questions regarding your diagnosis or treatment, or office policy and procedure, please call our office. Your call will be returned during our normal business hours.  Which are Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm.